How To Plan A Trip To New York City In 2022

This is your guide to help you plan a trip to New York City. Follow these steps to take advantage of the most this city has to offer.

December 21, 2022

How To Plan A Trip To New York In 2022

If it’s your first time visiting New York can seem daunting. It’s the largest city in the United States and there is so much happening that some people get stuck in the hotel room, nervous about stepping outside. But visiting New York City is a lot of fun, and with a bit of help, you can find your magical moments.

Part of what makes New York so fun is it’s constantly changing. New York is very different in 2022 than in 2019. COVID rules have changed hours, and the way we navigate the city. Our trip consultants apply local knowledge to tailor travel plans to for visitors so they can enjoy more of the things they would love about the city and avoid the things they don’t. Click here to connect with a trip consultant and build your tailored plan.

New York Trip Planner

The best way to plan a trip to New York is to start early. We have a list of top attractions on our website here. Get familiar with the top attractions and activities and take notes about the things that interest you. YouTube is another excellent content source; these videos are great options for first-time visitors. Here are a few of our favorites.


We recommend everyone add at least one observation deck to their New York sightseeing bucket list. Summit One is the newest and most unique observation deck in New York. Located right in midtown near Grand Central Station, this observation deck was built for the way we take pictures today, selfie-style. Interesting objects and reflective surfaces add depth to the pictures that you don’t get at the other New York observation decks.

Summit One


But Summit One is not for everyone. Many people like the classic observation decks like the Empire State Building and Top of The Rock. These traditional observation decks have been featured in so many tv shows and movies that it’s easy to understand why they rank high on a traveler’s bucket list.

Empire State Building From Top Of The Rock


New York City is also home to lots of museums. The two most popular NYC museums are The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, also known as The Met, and the Museum of Modern Art, known as MoMA. The Met is the largest museum in the United States and has so much to look at you could easily spend 4 days exploring. MoMA is not as large as The Met, but it is a good size. MoMA focuses on modern art, paintings, and photographs, but you will also find classic art here.

The Met


Besides these two traditional museums, there are many cool and unique museums in NYC too. Spyscape is an interactive spy museum that always has relevant and interactive exhibits that are fun for anyone aged 6 and up. The Color Factory is an interactive museum focused on engaging people with color in light and fun ways. Each museum is in different areas of the city and is appropriate for different reasons. If you’re with kids, or a couple, or just visiting during a time when it’s better to be indoors, our trip consultants can help you find the best museum for you.

Color Factory


For fun, a lot of travelers go to a Broadway show. New York City has so much live theater it’s hard to understand. There are Broadway shows, Off-Broadway shows, and Off-Broadway shows that become Broadway shows; it’s hard to keep up. This year’s three most popular Broadway shows with travelers are Hamilton, Wicked, and The Lion King, but there are many more to enjoy. If you’re unsure which New York Broadway show to attend, look at this site: show-score for reviews. They simplify the review process and give supporting details to help people figure out what to pick. Again the trick to choosing a good Broadway show is based on what you like, if you’re with kids, and the times you’ll be in the city. Our trip consultants can give you local recommendations if you’re on the fence about anything.

Broadway In NYC


Once you have your New York sightseeing list, you are 50% of the way to completing your New York trip itinerary. To get a True York experience, your next step is to add in local New York experiences like rooftops, restaurants, and other hidden gems. Most rooftops are outdoors, but many indoor and all-weather rooftops will give you beautiful views of the city and unique stories to tell friends and family.

New York City Rooftop


New York has tons of great restaurants to and some bad ones too. Since the pandemic outdoor dinning has become a staple in New York City. There are streets blocked off for diners and outdoor dinning makes it easy to support customers in the event COVID cases spike. Some restaurants require reservations but not all. You can usually find space at most restaurants if you’re a couple or a solo traveler. Social media is full of tips, but be careful because most tips are not tailored for travelers. Our customers have told us venues they found on social media have closed, or the experience is not what they expect when they go.

New York City Outdoor Dinning


The best way to get around New York is on the subway, on foot or by taxi. If you follow that process, you’ll have a solid New York trip itinerary to guide your trip. Plan to bring good walking shoes as New York is made for walking, not driving. We will have another blog article about the best way to get around New York City soon.


Our team of trip consultants builds tailored plans for travelers from around the world visiting NYC. We’ve helped travelers with children, travelers visiting for special occasions, and ex-New Yorkers coming home for holiday visits. You can view some of our sample plans here. We follow a 3 step process to tailor each of our plans: 

Step 1: We bucket your must-see attractions into days based on how long each activity is and how long it takes to get from venue to venue.

Step 2: We provide restaurant, rooftop & hidden gem recommendations based on the areas of the city you’re in.

Step 3: We create a custom map and provide transportation tips to help you figure out the best transportation method to get from activity to activity (train, taxi, walk).

Click here to have our team tailor your New York trip itinerary today. 

We look forward to showing your our city. 

New York Trip Planner

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