Arrive Stress Free

You have enough to think about. Let us manage your arrival details so you can focus on what matters most.

100% Clutch
We're there when you need us. No matter if it's transportation support, food delivery, or last-minute essential items our team will take care of the details so you can drop your bags faster.
What's Included
Your local team will help arrange all details on the day of your arrival, from transportation to delivery of last minute items directly to your hotel. Making sure everything is ready for you as soon ast you get to NY
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Access to NY Explorer
Full day VIP support from team of locals
Breakfast delivered from a local eatery
Exclusive traveler gift box


Explorer is the best companion product for every traveler in NYC. Get real-time subway directions, tips about top attractions, and recommendations to local restaurants and shopping no matter where you are in the city.

Team Khoncierge

Reserve time with a team of locals who will make sure your arrival is drama-free. From transportation assistance, food delivery, or help with essential items, team Khoncierge will make your arrival as comfortable as possible.


Breakfast Delivered

Every good day starts with a good meal. NY is full of great places to eat. Skip the continental breakfast and instant coffee and get a classic NY breakfast delivered to your room from one of our recommended local eateries.


Exclusive Gift Box

Everyone likes surprises. Our gift box is complete with recommended items to help travelers experience NYC like a local. The box is delivered to your hotel so you can wake up and start exploring.

Welcome Pack

Reopening discount.

Access to NY Explorer
1 day access to Team Khoncierge
Classic NY breakfast in bed delivered to your hotel
Exclusive traveler gift box filled with essential gifts



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Good until Sept 30th
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