• Built for Travelers. Customized for you.

    Our service is built to help travelers discover the best of New York City. We share recommendations from our local experts in a messaging format so every conversation is unique.
  • 100% Free To Use.

    Questions don’t cost a thing. Answers don’t either. We are always 100% free to use.
  • No App. No Download. No Install.

    Do you really need another app? Our service works in common messaging apps, so you don’t have to think about another download.

We created Khonsu to help travelers find the most amazing places & activities in New York City based on their interests. It’s a simple, fast, and easy way for users to get information on the go by just asking a question.

It's our job to deliver accurate information fast, and we take that job very seriously. So please don’t hesitate to ask any questions about our service or how we function.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Facebook Messenger. There’s no new app to download, or service to sign up for.

When asking Khonsu a question, there’s no need to phrase things too properly or worry about syntax. Just speak like you normally would which is super easy.  And the best part? Khonsu is completely free and couldn’t be easier to use. Just click the Chat On Messenger button to get started!

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