About Us

Khonsu is a travel service that aims to save time for overnight travelers to help them enjoy more of the experiences they love in New York City. 

We create custom-tailored New York City trip plans. Our plans include a map of the best activities to do in a day, restaurant & rooftop recommendations near those activities, and transportation tips to get around New York City (train, walk, taxi). Our NY-based team of trip consultants is available during each customer's trip to help assist with any changes needed. 

To get started with our team, complete the tailored activity form on this page: https://www.askkhonsu.com/planmytrip

The name Khonsu is borrowed from an Egyptian god whose name translates to the word "traveler". Khonsu is thought to watch over people's journey at night while they travel. Khonsu is also the same Egyptian god the Marvel character Moon Knight is based on. Read more about Khonsu on the Wikipedia page here

When you're ready to get your best experience of New York City, contact us today: hello@askkhonsu.com 🗽