8 Amazing NYC Musical Performances To See In 2022

Our favorite NYC musical performances to see in 2022. These shows do not last forever. Get tickets while they last.

July 12, 2022

8 Amazing NYC Musical Performances To See In 2022

Broadway is a popular attraction in NYC, and for a good reason. Watching actors perform live is a unique experience different from movies or tv. There is no director to read lines, cut a scene, or editors to add special effects. It's all on the actors to bring it to life. Musical theater is a special version of live theater with part acting and part singing. Here are our favorite musicals for the summer of 2022. If you want a tailored recommendation, contact us to create a tailored plan.

Into The Woods
  1. Into The Woods | St. James Theater

From City Center to Broadway, Sondheim's dark mashup of fairy tales won four Tony Awards, including Best Musical. Into The Woods is a stripped-down version of the Broadway show featuring new choreography and costumes. The show still belongs to the incredible Sara Bareilles as the Baker's Wife. The show also returns with a new cast with everyone talking, including Phillipa Soo, Brian d'Arcy James, Joshua Henry, and Gavin Creel.

  1. Titaníque | The Aslyum

This crazy musical doesn't just make Celine Dion sing the songs of Titanic. It also inserts her as a character in the story. From the wild imagination of Tye Blue, this gorgeous, lunatic production unexpectedly brings together elements from RuPaul's Drag Race and Celine Dion's music, among other pop culture staples, to create a joyful madcap musical like no other.

Strange Loop
  1. A Strange Loop | Lyceum Theater

A Strange Loop is this year's critics' favorite. It's about the price of success and how hard it can be to balance art with life. A Strange Loop began as a nonfiction novel that earned a Pulitzer Prize, but producer Michael R. Jackson knew he wanted to turn it into a musical while he was still working on it. The show is a lyrical, joyful play that covers many heavy topics: racism, homophobia, and gender identity. It's also one of the most endearing and entertaining musicals in years. It won the Pulitzer Prize and many other awards, but nothing can capture how this sweet show makes you feel.


  1. Six | Brooks Atkins Theater

Six is an empowering portrayal of women married to King Henry the VIII. Six gives you a new view of his wives, presenting them as people with their desires, goals, and dreams. Each of these six women has a unique story about their perspective of King Henery's male-dominated story. Their fates are sealed in England's history books, but these Queens are done playing nice, and the show's modern pop/rock score takes this instantly recognizable story to a new level for all audiences.

Momix's Alice

  1. Momix's Alice | Joyce Theater

All the familiar characters from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland are cast as dancers in Momix's Alice production at the Joyce Theater. This spectacular show features airborne performers, giant costumes and puppets, and a vividly colorful backdrop that transforms into a floating realm of fantasy. In this magical adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, you'll get to experience Alice's surreal tea party with the Mad Hatter, witness breathtaking dancing by the Queen of Hearts, and enjoy other surprises as Alice balances childhood and maturity as she struggles to discover who she really is.

Wired By Kinetic Light
  1. Wired By Kinetic Light | The Shed

Kinetic Light, an arts ensemble of dancers with disabilities, is bringing Wired to the Shed in August The program is centered around three dancers as they fly through the air and spin across the floor through a tangle of barbed wires and lights. Live music composed by Ailís Ní Ríain and sets designed by Josephine Shokrian brings unbridled energy to the production. The show pushes boundaries and perceptions while making a powerful statement about what disabled artists can create. See for yourself what all the buzz is about!

As You Like It

  1. As You Like It | Central Park

As You Like It, written by William Shakespeare and originally performed sometime between 1599 and 1602, is a bardic comedy that features charming rivalry, mischievous tribulations, and a merry band of actors. A production of Shakespeare's "As You Like It" at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park celebrates the 400th anniversary of his death with a cast made up of professional actors and local fans. Only showing during the summer in Central Park. Get your tickets while they last!

Little Shop Of Horrors
  1. Little Shop of Horrors | Westside Theater

Little Shop of Horrors is a show you can't miss if you like musicals. A dark and delightful musical, Little Shop of Horrors is the perfect mix of horror and comedy with some of the best singing you'll ever see. The songs range from catchy ballads to power rockers to fun lyrics that will stick in your head for weeks after you hear them. The cast does an incredible job bringing it all to life.

These shows go fast. If you miss them, our team of trip consultants can find you the best new shows to see while you're here. Contact us here to request a tailored plan.

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