6 Exciting Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in NYC

St. Patrick’s Day in NYC is more than just the historic parade – with parties, live music, cultural festivities, and more.

February 24, 2024

St. Patrick’s Day Events in NYC

St. Patrick’s Day in NYC is a big deal, and it's not just about the famous parade that's been going on since 1762. The city comes alive with parties, live music, cultural celebrations, and more. We've curated this list of festive activities happening around the city on March 17th to help you choose a celebration that suits your travel style best.

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On to the list

The NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The highlight of the day, The NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade, will make its way up 5th Avenue from 44th Street to 79th Street, passing by the iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Kicking off at 11:00 AM and concluding at 4:30 PM, this year’s Grand Marshal is Margaret C. “Maggie” Timoney, the CEO of Heineken USA. Keep in mind that this event tends to draw a lively crowd, with many attendees looking to enjoy some drinks.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Cruise

Party cruises on either the East River or the Hudson are always a great way to celebrate any holiday in the city. For St. Patrick’s Day there’s plenty to choose from. Event Cruises NYC, a reliable and reasonably priced yacht party company, hosts a St. Patrick’s Day party cruise that promises an unforgettable experience with themed cocktails, party favors, classic Irish beers, and a live DJ.

Irish Mob Tour

Squeeze in some cardio while diving into the city’s history and Irish American culture on the Hidden New York’s Irish Mob Tour in Hell’s Kitchen. Not only does this tour offer a unique way to spend the day, but it's conveniently located near Times Square and Rockefeller Center. Snag the 6 pm slot, and you can easily blend it with the parade or other sightseeing activities.

The Sober St. Patrick's Day ​grand Celebration

For non-drinkers, St. Patrick’s Day might seem like a celebration they miss out on. For those who would prefer a dry event, Sober St. Patrick’s Day presents an alcohol-free grand celebration with a historical and cultural focus in Midtown.

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Live Music At One Of The City’s Many Irish Pubs

Every NYC borough boasts its own Irish neighborhood bars. Check out our comprehensive list of Irish Pubs for more options. On St. On Patrick's Day, most Irish Pubs in Manhattan will open early and many will feature live traditional Irish music (also called seisiúns).

Visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue

Spend some time exploring the famous St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue, right across from Rockefeller Center. It serves as a focal point during the parade and is a must-see during any trip to NYC. Whether or not you attend the parade, stepping in to admire the Neo-Gothic architecture is worthwhile. Additionally, the Cathedral hosts a special St. Patrick’s Day mass each year.

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