19 Local Coffee Shops in NYC You Need to Try

Explore NYC's diverse coffee scene with our guide to the city's best local coffee shops and roasteries. Skip the Starbucks routine and savor a cup of uniquely New York "cawfee."

February 2, 2024

Must-Try NYC Coffee Shops You Can't Find Anywhere Else

Welcome to a caffeinated journey through the heart of New York City. In a city that never sleeps, "cawfee" has become both a daily standby and an art form. These coffee shops won’t be as budget-friendly as an iced mocha at Dunkin' or the drip coffee at the corner bodega, but for those seeking an authentic, local, and top-quality NYC coffee adventure, they're worth every penny. From floral lattes to personalized pour-overs, world-class espressos, and just really good, fresh beans, we've put together this list to serve as your ultimate guide to NYC’s endlessly complex coffee scene.

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Ok … On to the list


Bird & Branch (Times Square, Chelsea)

With one location in the iconic Chelsea Market and another conveniently situated near Times Square, Bird & Branch beckons NYC visitors in search of single-origin drip and espressos. For the adventurous coffee connoisseur, specialty drinks are a must try. Their winter exclusive, The Parakeet (espresso with steamed orange juice, pineapple juice, mulled cider, and a pinch of crushed red pepper) is just one example of the unique, seasonal drinks you can find at this NYC gem.

Remi Flower & Coffee (NoMad)

Adorable and dual purpose, Remi Flower & Coffee in NoMad isn't your typical coffee spot. This flower shop and cafe hybrid crafts beautiful flower arrangements and serves up floral-themed tea lattes (rose, lavender). Paired with artisan coffee and fantastic pastries, it's a two-in-one experience—blooms and brews in perfect harmony.

Solid State Coffee (Upper West Side)

A comfy, funky, retro coffee shop and roastery, Solid State Coffee is your go-to in the Upper West Side. Perfectly located near Lincoln Center, the American Museum of Natural History, and Central Park, this spot offers not only a cup of joe but also bags of their freshly roasted beans to go.

Felix Roasting Co. (Soho, Midtown East)

In the heart of Downtown Manhattan, Felix Roasting Co. redefines local chains with its classy and maximalist approach. If you're on the hunt for a mind-blowing espresso in the city, this is your spot. And don't overlook their coffee cocktails—expect nothing less than over-the-top extravagance.

Ground Central (Times Square, Flatiron, Midtown East, Financial District)

With a name like Ground Central, you'd expect it to cater exclusively to Midtown Manhattan—and you'd be right (except for that stray location on Long Island). Despite focusing on NYC's commuter crowd, each shop boasts a stylish and comfortable atmosphere with couches, bookshelves, and ample seating. The vibes are absolutely NY and the beans are a unique La Colombe blend.

Book Club (Lower East Side)

Part bookstore, part lounge, part espresso bar, part cocktail bar—Book Club in the Lower East Side wears many hats. Whether you're grabbing coffee, attending an event, or kicking off your night in the always-bumping Lower East Side, this local gem offers a unique experience. Because sometimes, a good book and a great coffee go hand in hand.

Black Fox Coffee (Midtown, Financial District)

Born out of NYC’s Australian-style cafe trend, Black Fox Coffee's counter-service breakfast spots in Midtown and the Financial District are a chic way to kickstart your NYC morning. Offering high-quality, single-origin beans from around the world and boasting a fun, modern atmosphere, Black Fox is a safe bet for a fantastic cup during your Manhattan travels.

Do Not Feed Alligators (Greenwich Village)

A spot for coffee, wine, or cocktails, Do Not Feed Alligators in Greenwich Village comes with a small backyard and a curated bookstore. With an emphasis on single-origin coffee and a no-laptop policy, it's a place to unplug, sip, and soak in the Greenwich Village atmosphere.

Grace Street Coffee & Desserts (Koreatown)

Grace Street Coffee & Desserts in Koreatown isn't just a coffee spot—it's a celebration of Korean desserts, pastries, and unique drinks. From Lavender and Rose Petal Milk Tea to Whipped Korean Coffee and Vietnamese Coffee, it's a journey for your taste buds and a trusty place to sit and recharge a block away from the Empire State Building.

Ariston Flowers (Union Square)

Similar to Remi Flower & Coffee, Ariston Flowers in Greenwich Village offers a floral experience with an added twist—this shop is bustling with all types, including art students from the nearby art schools The New School and Parsons School of Design. A cafe hidden within a flower shop, it's a unique blend of blooms and brews, creating a great place to take five by Union Square.

SUITED (Financial District)

True to its name, SUITED is a wealthy NYC business man’s dream coffee shop tucked away in a historic townhouse in the Financial District. With an upscale coffee and cocktail bar boasting a sleek and sophisticated atmosphere, plush velvet seating, marble countertops, and exposed brick walls, it's a stylish escape. Expert baristas craft meticulously prepared coffee using single-origin beans and inventive brewing methods. And don't forget to explore their signature cocktails featuring seasonal ingredients and unique infusions.

Abraço (East Village)

Brazilian-inspired coffee, vibrant cafes, and award-winning pastries—Abraço in the East Village is another contender for one of the best espressos in Manhattan. A must-visit for coffee aficionados exploring the city. Because sometimes, a touch of Brazilian flavor is just what your coffee needs.


Loveless Coffees (Bushwick)

A true Brooklyn coffee shop and roastery, Loveless Coffees in Bushwick offers a light and airy escape, providing more than just coffee. Dive into innovative brews, like their iced lattes with lavender syrup, indulge in their selection of vegan pastries, and of course choose a bag of beans to take home.

Hibiscus Brew (Flatbush)

Located close to Prospect Park, Hibiscus Brew isn't just a cafe—it's a getaway. This women-owned spot offers vibrant art and flowers, espresso smoothies, and a variety of hibiscus-flavored drinks, like their signature and mulled sorrels. With vegan pastries, expertly crafted coffees, and a fantastic atmosphere, it's a must-visit retreat in the heart of Brooklyn.

Villager (Crown Heights)

Welcome to Villager, where coffee is a deeply personal affair. Located in Crown Heights, this cafe offers a variety of brewing techniques, vegan pastries and expert baristas who are trained in choosing the perfect bean to match your unique taste in coffee. The real focus here is made-to-order pour overs and a wide range of top shelf beans they keep on hand. If you’re looking for a bespoke coffee experience in NYC this is the place to go.

SEY Coffee (Williamsburg)

In the heart of Williamsburg, SEY Coffee is an award-winning "micro-roastery" boasting a minimalist aesthetic. It's not just coffee; it's an art form—from their seasonal, fruity, single-origin coffees to the meticulous pour-overs. The space, with its beautiful design, strikes a balance between workspace and community hub with no laptops allowed on weekends. 

Multiple Boroughs

Devoción Coffee (Flatiron, Williamsburg, DUMBO)

Get a taste of Australian coffee culture right here in NYC at Devoción Coffee. With bright, inviting cafes in Flatiron, Williamsburg, and DUMBO, this local chain and roaster focus on the freshness of Colombian beans. Your cup journey—from plant to pour—takes a swift 10 days, bringing the best of modern coffee culture to every corner of the city.

drip coffee makers (Bushwick, SoHo, Williamsburg, DUMBO)

Drip coffee makers, born from the expertise of NYC coffee scene veteran Nigel Price, started as a cart and expanded across Bushwick, SoHo, Williamsburg, and DUMBO. With a commitment to curating a rotating selection of the world’s finest beans, they shine in the realms of pour-overs and cold brew.  Drip coffee makers is where the city’s coffee nerds and expert baristas go for their coffee fix.

Partners Coffee (Times Square, DUMBO, Williamsburg, Long Island City, Greenwich Village)

Partners Coffee, a fantastic local roastery, is the heartbeat of NYC's coffee scene. Serving as both the go-to spot for coffee enthusiasts and the roastery for top coffee shops across the city, they offer an enticing array of single-origin and blend beans, brew gear, and equipment. They even offer brewing and latte art classes, catering to rookies and experienced baristas alike.

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