NYC's Must Visit Women-Owned Businesses

It's women's history month and about time for us to write this. Women lead so much and we're proud to spotlight these business.

April 23, 2024

NYC's Must Visit Women-Owned Businesses

It’s women’s history month and really no better time to focus on women owned, led and operated business. NYC is not perfect, by any means, but it’s beautiful because it gives everyone an opportunity. No matter who you are, where you’re from or how you got here. It’s just one of the reasons we love NYC. Here’s 6 great women led business with products and services travelers would love. Stop by and show your support while you’re in town.

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Strand Bookstore - Union Square

This iconic bookstore south of Union Square is a community staple and includes a mammoth collection of over 2 million discounted volumes of books is actually a woman-owned business. Nancy Bass Wyden is the 3rd generation Bass to run the business. This 3 story shop has been the backdrop for popular movie and tv shows such as Remember Me, The Romanoffs, Absolutely Fabulous, Sex and the City, Six Degrees of Separation, Julie & Julia, Flesh and Bone, Master of None, the 2011 Arthur remake and the 2020 doc The Booksellers. This is a great place to inspire young readers or to find your next great travel read.‍

Fishs Eddy - Union Square

Fishs Eddy in Union Square is more than just a dishware store - it's an experience. Co-founded by Julie Gaines in 1986, it started small, rescuing plates from restaurant suppliers. These days the store carries a mix of vintage-inspired dishware and actual old school finds.The affordable prices make it a worthwhile stop for travelers looking to snag some distinctive kitchenware souvenirs.

Daybreaker - Various Locations

Warning. If you do not like music, good vibes and great people stop reading now and jump to the next. But if you do, Daybreaker was made for you. This wellness/lifestyle/shake your booty sensation owned by Radha Agrawal brings joy and community to all early risers. It encourages people to get up and conquer their day with Yoga and a full-on dance party before most are even out of bed at 6 am. Daybreakers has events around the world and they’re taking their national PEACE TOUR to The Rink at Rockefeller Center this summer.

Don Antonio - Hell’s Kitchen

Step into Don Antonio in Hell’s Kitchen and experience pizza like never before. Forget dollar slices and wood-fired pies; here, you'll find the Neapolitan specialty of pizza fritta, or "fried pizza," perfected by Italian native Giorgia Caporuscio. Giorgia isn't just one of the few female pizza makers in NYC but also in the entire country. Breaking barriers in a male-dominated industry, she's paved the way for future pizzaiolas. In 2023, Don Antonio was ranked the 37th best pizzeria in the country by 50 Top Pizza.

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King Restaurant - West Village

King is a beautiful Italian restaurant that feels a bit like London’s River Cafe - a landmark restaurant known for it’s seasonal Italian fare. It’s no wonder considering there two of Kings chefs are from there. King brings a focus on dishes that’s not as heavy as American Italian meals. King’s menu consists of a vegetable heavy menu that compliments the meat & fish dishes which creates enough options to make any eater happy. The menu changes frequently so which keeps dinning fresh.

Buvette Gastrotheque - West Village

Buvette Gastrotheque, a cozy French cafe in the village, serves classic dishes with a relaxed touch. Chef Jody Williams, also the wife of Rita Sodi, owner of the famed I Sodi in the West Village (known for its near-impossible reservations), brings her culinary flair to the menu. Williams' goal was to create a spot for affordable European flavors, and Buvette delivers just that. You won't need reservations here, although it can still be difficult to get a table on the weekend due to the restaurant's popularity as a brunch spot.

Sweet Pickle Books - Lower East Side

At Sweet Pickle Books in the Lower East Side, owned by Florida native Leigh Altshuler, you can swap your old books for pickles! This unique shop pays homage to the neighborhood's Jewish history, once known as the "Pickle District." Founded by Leigh, Sweet Pickle Books offers a variety of craft pickles, including dill, spicy, and bread and butter. Whether you're a pickle enthusiast or a bookworm, this charming bookstore is a must-visit.

Tagmo - South Street Seaport

At Tagmo in South Street Seaport, you can savor unique, homecooked Indian cuisine. Led by Surbhi, a 20-year veteran of NYC's fine-dining scene, Tagmo offers regional delights like Curry Leaf Fried Chicken and Paneer Tempura. Named after the Bhutanese word for "tigress," Tagmo has evolved from a mithai shop to a full-fledged restaurant, continuing to delight diners with its diverse menu.

Funny Face Bakery - South Street Seaport, NoHo

At Funny Face Bakery in South Street Seaport and NoHo, indulge in Instagram-worthy cookie designs. Founded by Sarah Silverman, who transitioned from fashion to baking, this bakery offers artistic marvels you won't want to bite into. Sarah's journey from culinary school to launching her first business, Cupcake Market, led to the creation of Funny Face Bakery. With beautiful, pop-culture inspired designs, these cookies are sure to delight.

NiLu - Harlem

NiLu in Harlem specializes in locally-made home goods and furnishings, apparel, books, and crafts. The shop has a bit of it all from home goods and furnishings, apparel and crafts. It's the perfect store if you’re looking for unique souvenirs to bring back. The owners put a focus on supporting businesses that support fair trade and is a well known spot for black creators within the Harlem community.

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Taela Beer - Williamsburg

Talea Beer is NYC’s first woman-owned and run brewery and taproom. This 9000 square feet space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn breaks expectations with its fruit-forward brews designed for people who do not normally drink ale. During the day the space is open to the community as a workspace, perfect if you’re looking for somewhere to sit with your laptop, chill and get out and get some work done. During the evening the space comes alive with its 30 beers on tap including the Sun Up Hazy IPA, Leaps and Bounds Hazy Double IPA, Raspberry Lime Crush Gose and Mixed Berry Tart Deco Sour IPA, among others.

Catbird - Williamsburg, SoHo, Rockefeller Center

At Catbird, whether at its original store in Williamsburg or additional locations in NYC, you can immerse yourself in some seriously stylish jewelry. Led by Rony Vardi, this women-owned company is renowned for its delicate and dazzling designs. Each piece is crafted with care, using 95% recycled gold, diamonds, and ethically sourced stones. Don't miss their signature Forever Bracelets, welded around your wrist (aka “zapped”) for the 'ultimate friendship bracelet' or timeless accessory. Don’t worry, they're easy to remove with scissors on the welding spot!

Hibiscus Brew - Flatbush

Hibiscus Brew offers a unique experience for those craving Caribbean-inspired beverages in a gorgeous setting. Owned by Allison Dunn, this black and woman-owned establishment boasts an array of drinks, including the unique Rose Hibiscus and Sweet Potato Maca Lattes, alongside more classic drinks like Hot Chocolate, Iced Tea and Mulled Sorrel.  Dunn's passion for cultivating a community-centric space, serving up traditional Jamaican beverages with a wellness twist, has firmly established Hibiscus Brew as a local favorite.


Earth & Me - Astoria

This spot in Astoria, Queens opened as a place where people can shop sustainable brands. Earth & Me buys items from small-batch makers which allows them to offer lower prices, less packaging, and smaller overhead. This is a great store to support as they offer small travel items such as soap, brushes, and other travel items. 

Rockaway Tiki Bar - Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Tiki Bar in Rockaway Beach offers the newest addition to the scene. Opened by Amy Tichenor in 2021, it's the first proper tiki bar in the area, and it's here to stay year-round. Dive into the quirky island-inspired decor while sipping on fun and fruity cocktails and indulging in beach bites like tuna poke bowls and peanut tamari tofu bao buns in one of NYC’s few beachside neighborhoods.

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