8 Places To Visit In NYC When It's Raining

When it starts raining in NYC it can change your plans. Here's some great options to visit when it's raining in NYC

March 19, 2023

Best Places To Visit In NYC When It's Raining

Visiting New York City during the spring means you’ll need to make some rainy day plans. We always get questions like, what to do in NYC in the rain and what are the best places to visit in NYC when it's raining. Even though New York may not get as much rain as other cities like London, the rain does fall here, and when it does it can wreck havoc on your travel plans. Plus with the changing climate and the weather becoming more unpredictable it’s always good to have a few rainy day options in your plan. 

When we build plans for guests, we always take the weather into account. It’s easy for us because we live here. But for people visiting New York City during the spring it can take a little more work. Take a look at this list of popular things to do in New York City when it’s raining. Hopefully you’ll find something that fits your plans. 

We know that everyone’s travel style is unique. If you want a specific recommendation for your travel style, request a tailored plan. Our team tailor plans for travelers based on the activities they love most. Tell us your must-see attractions, favorite foods, and the number of days you’re in New York City, and our team will build a hand-crafted plan that matches your profile.

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Ok, on to the list ...

1. The Met

With over 2M exhibits spanning 5,000 years. It's easy to spend an entire day here. And the best part is you'll stay dry while exploring. There is a cafe and tons to see that adding this to a rainy day itinerary is a major win. Check our latest local tips here.

Take advantage of The Met's Date Night series running through the spring if you're traveling as a couple. Each Friday & Saturday from 5 - 9pm, there is live music in The Met galleries to add ambiance while you take in the art. Check the upcoming events in NYC here.

2. American Museum of Natural History

If you're traveling with young kids and it starts to rain head to The Museum of Natural History. It’s our top recommendation if you’ve never been. This large museum located on the opposite side of Central Park from The Met is an excellent rainy day activity for people traveling with kids. Keep them entertained with exciting exhibits. You'll find exhibits on dinosaurs, war, space, and more. There is so much to see that it's easy to spend 3 hours here. There is a cafe with slightly expensive food, but it can keep you energized while exploring. Read our latest local tips here

3. Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is the perfect place for a pick-me-up on a rainy day. This indoor market has it all, from its decadent food offerings to its eclectic boutiques. Located in Manhattan's Meatpacking District, this indoor market invites guests to try foods from some of the most popular NYC restaurants all under one roof. Plus, there is an art gallery in the basement where you can explore the latest visual delights. Read more tips from us here.

4. The Shops At Hudson Yards

Hudson yards is Manhattan's newest neighborhood on the island's west side. With attractions like The Vessel and The Edge, it draws many visitors. But on a rainy day, the shop is the best place to be. With over 7 floors and 100 stores to stop by, this is a great destination to spend a rainy day. Great eateries in the mall will take care of you when you're ready to refuel. If you want to eat with a beautiful view of the Vessel, stop by Queensyard or Wild Ink. They can be expensive, but the picture and food are worth it. If you're traveling with kids or looking for something a little cheaper, head to the mall's ground floor for a fun food hall to explore. If you want a restaurant recommendation, Mercado Little Spain is a great option. Check out our latest tips here.

5. Tour Rockefeller Center

When it's raining, Rockefeller Center is a great option. The Tour at NBC Studios has been re-imagined to provide an all-new, exclusive experience at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Fans will make memories with a once-in-a-lifetime photoshoot inside a working studio, with iconic sets from their favorite shows as the backdrop. Guests interact with the entire production process firsthand as they produce and star in their own television segment. The Tour is led by an NBC Page. You can get tickets to the tour here.

6. Get inspired at MoMA (Museum Of Modern Art)

A trip to MoMA is always an eye- and mind-opening experience. There are works from the greats like Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, and Andy Warhol, plus an ever-evolving list of new contemporary artists. Whether you're getting a view of new art or getting closer to the classics, MoMA is a great rainy day destination and easy to spend 2 - 3 hours. Read more local tips here.

7. Get educated at the Museum Of Sex

At the Museum of Sex, there is always some kind of daring educational program or off-the-wall event going on. Recently they've partnered with Superfunland, a pop-up museum featuring the history and future of sex.

The current exhibits include an immersive multimedia installation reliving the sexual revolution alongside the groundbreaking queer performance art that inspired it. There's a room full of psychedelic mirrors, a neon-lit "the tunnel of love," and a spiral slide that leads to the museum's psychedelic carnival bar, Lollipop Lounge. Read our local tips here.

8. Take In A Show At Dizzy's At The Shops At Columbus Circle

Dizzy's Jazz club is at the Southern end of Central Park inside the shops at Columbus Circle mall. Catch an early show at Dizzy's and plan some retail therapy before the show begins or grab a meal at one of the 5-star restaurants in the mall. Dizzy's Club usually runs 2 shows every night, but that can vary per guest. You can read more information about the club on our events page here.

9. Visit A Speakeasy

On a rainy day in NYC, why not explore the fascinating history of Prohibition-era speakeasies? The city has some of the best hidden gems to offer, including The Back Room, Please Don't Tell, and Attaboy, all located conveniently downtown. Don't hesitate to visit these unique and cozy establishments and get a taste of American history while enjoying a few drinks.

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