NYC's Must-Try Steakhouses for Travelers

Visiting New York City is more than sightseeing, it’s also enjoying great food. If you’re visiting New York City and trying to find the best steakhouse in NYC this list is for you.

May 24, 2024

The Best Steakhouses In New York City

Visiting New York City is more than sightseeing, it’s also enjoying great food. NYC has thousands of great restaurants & chefs who make a name for themselves with unique dishes. This city is filled with the best pizza, bagels & cookies but one of the most popular cuisines in New York City that travelers ask for is steak. We’re amazed at how many times travelers ask us to recommend a great steakhouse during their trip. 

If you’re visiting New York City and trying to find the best steakhouse in NYC this list is for you. Selecting the best steakhouse for your trip depends on where you’ll be and when you decide to go to eat. There are great steakhouses near the major NYC attractions like The Statue Of Liberty, Times Square, Wall Street & Washington Sq Park. If you want to have an excellent night out with great steak and a glass of wine these restaurants are for you. 

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Ok ... on to the list ...

Porter House Bar and Grill

Porter House Bar and Grill, located in the Time Warner Center and overlooking Columbus Circle, breaks away from the traditional steakhouse mold with its elegant and airy ambiance. Offering panoramic views of Central Park, it's fitting for a Michelin star steakhouse. The perfectly cooked and well-seasoned porterhouse, priced at $170, is a standout dish that comes with an unparalleled backdrop. For a more affordable taste of luxury, their three-course $48 steak frites lunch deal is a must-try. And make sure to save room for their irresistible ice cream sundae, featuring a delightful combination of brownies, meringue, chocolate chip cookies, and a generous drizzle of hot fudge. For those seeking a great meal in Manhattan, Porterhouse Steakhouse delivers exceptional steaks, breathtaking views, and a memorable dining experience in the heart of the city.

Keens Steakhouse

Keens Steakhouse, located in Midtown West, is a historic gem that takes you back to the rich past of New York City. Steeped in history, it was once a renowned theater and literary group's home, followed by a famous pipe club. The walls adorned with pipes create a warm and unique atmosphere that sets it apart from other restaurants. Keens is famous for its signature dish, the mutton chop, and even offers a smaller portion as a special for just $29. Additionally, Keens is known for its exceptional steaks, including the King's Cut Prime Rib and the flavorful Porterhouse for Two. As the sole survivor of the Herald Square Theatre District, Keens proudly upholds its legacy as a legendary NYC steakhouse, offering an unforgettable dining experience.

Uncle Jack's Steakhouse

Uncle Jack's is a renowned steakhouse located on the west side of Midtown. Since its establishment in 1996, Uncle Jack's has gained a reputation for delivering superior quality and a commitment to culinary excellence. Renowned for serving some of the finest steaks in the city, Uncle Jack's takes pride in offering USDA Prime Beef, precisely cut to their specifications and aged between 28-35 days. Alongside their world-famous Kobe steaks, Uncle Jack's presents a diverse menu featuring a range of exceptional dishes. With its unwavering dedication to quality, Uncle Jack's has solidified its position as a distinguished steakhouse destination.

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Rocco's Steakhouse

Rocco's Steakhouse, located in NoMad, is a sophisticated and timeless American steakhouse. Led by owner Rocco Trotta and a team that includes GM/Partner Pete Pjetrovic, Beverage Director/Partner Jeff Kolenovic, Executive Chef Johnny Jevric, and Head Waiter/Sommelier Henry Doda, the restaurant is dedicated to delivering a world-class dining experience. With a focus on exceptional service, the finest wines, prime steaks, and fresh seafood, Rocco Steakhouse ensures every meal is truly unforgettable. All their prime steaks and chops are dry-aged on-site, and the knowledgeable staff, each with a minimum of 10 years of steakhouse experience, guarantees impeccable service.

Benjamin Steakhouse

Situated in the Dylan Hotel in Midtown East, Benjamin Steakhouse has been a beloved destination for steak aficionados since 2006. With a steadfast commitment to quality, Chef Arturo McLeod personally handpicks prime USDA meat from top wholesale markets in New York. What truly sets Benjamin apart is their meticulous dry-aging process, resulting in exquisitely textured and flavorful steaks. The inviting ambiance, featuring cozy leather seating and a captivating 10-foot fireplace, creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. At Benjamin Steakhouse, the focus is squarely on delivering an exceptional dining experience that caters to the discerning palates of steak connoisseurs.

Smith & Wollensky

Located in Midtown East, Smith & Wollensky is a classic and reliable steakhouse that has been a fixture in the neighborhood for over 40 years. With its timeless charm, white tablecloths, and attentive servers, it offers a quintessential dining experience. Indulge in their juicy prime rib with its intense beefy flavor or be pleasantly surprised by the bone-in dry-aged filet, boasting a perfect crust and a tender pink-and-red center. Smith & Wollensky takes pride in hand-butchering and dry-aging their beef in-house, adding to their reputation as an NYC steakhouse institution. From the Bone-In Rib Steak to the NY Sirloin and Classic Prime Rib, their menu offers a selection of cuts to satisfy any meat lover. Complete your meal with classic sides like Creamed Spinach and Onion Rings, and finish on a sweet note with their signature Bourbon Pecan Sundae.

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Sparks Steak House

Sparks has been an iconic steakhouse in Midtown East since 1966. Originally started as a pub, it has evolved into a meat lover's paradise under the watchful eye of the Cetta brothers. The classic interiors of Sparks exude an old-school charm with dark wood, coffered ceilings, and tasteful landscape paintings adorning the walls. The highlight of the dining experience is undoubtedly the signature Prime Sirloin Steak, which offers a generous portion for its exceptional value compared to other establishments. Pair your steak with a selection from their esteemed wine cellar, and you'll find yourself indulging in a memorable meal at one of New York City's finest dining destinations.

Ben & Jack's Steakhouse

Ben & Jack's Steakhouse is a renowned family-owned establishment that has been a staple of the New York City dining scene since 2005. Located at their original spot on 44th Street in Midtown East, the restaurant recently reopened after a 5-year closure for building renovations. With a modern and stylish design, Ben & Jack's offers an upscale-casual atmosphere with classic oak wood furnishings. Their menu showcases bold flavors, market-fresh ingredients, and USDA prime dry-aged beef, accompanied by an extensive wine list. As a beloved and iconic steakhouse, Ben & Jack's continues to provide an exceptional dining experience for those with discerning palates.

Royal 35

Located in Midtown East, Royal 35 Steakhouse offers a quintessential New York City dining experience just steps away from the iconic Empire State Building. The restaurant seamlessly blends the vibrant energy of the city with an authentic steakhouse atmosphere. At the heart of Royal 35's menu is a selection of USDA Prime beef, dry-aged in-house for 30-35 days to enhance flavor and tenderness. The chic and elegant dining room, along with an upper level private dining room, provide a stylish backdrop for a memorable meal.

Old Homestead Steakhouse

Old Homestead Steakhouse, located in Chelsea, holds a remarkable legacy as one of the oldest steakhouses in the city, dating back to 1868. The restaurant's exterior is adorned with a distinctive giant neon sign and a captivating cow sculpture proudly proclaiming it as "the King of Beef." This iconic establishment's success has led to its replication in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. As a timeless classic, Old Homestead Steakhouse continues to offer a dining experience steeped in tradition and a celebration of quality beef that has stood the test of time.


Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Chelsea, Cote seamlessly combines the timeless appeal of a classic steakhouse with the enticing flavors of Korean barbecue. Helmed by acclaimed Chef David Shim and Simon Kim, this Michelin-starred hotspot offers a truly distinctive dining experience. Ideal for first-timers, their renowned Butcher's Feast showcases four cuts of USDA Prime beef accompanied by a tantalizing egg soufflé. What sets Cote apart is the opportunity for guests to personally witness the exceptional quality of the meats. Before expertly grilling them on a smokeless grill, attentive servers present the raw cuts, allowing patrons to marvel at the marbling and rich hues. For those seeking an elevated culinary adventure, the steak omakase presents a premium selection of dry-aged cuts, taking the experience to new heights.

Hawksmoor NYC

Another great steakhouse located in Chelsea, Hawksmoor Steakhouse is a renowned London-based institution that has made its mark in New York City. Grilling their steaks over charcoal sets them apart, creating a unique and flavorful dining experience. The filet mignon shines as one of their standout offerings, while the rump steak provides a reliable and affordable option. Alongside their impressive selection of steaks, Hawksmoor excels in curating non-beef choices and boasts a cocktail list reminiscent of a chic speakeasy. Indulge in their delectable desserts, such as the Meyer lemon meringue bomb, for a delightful ending to your meal.

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4 Charles Prime Rib

4 Charles Prime Rib, located in the West Village, presents a distinctive supper club atmosphere. With its elegant décor featuring wood-paneled walls, crystal chandeliers, and comfortable leather chairs, it offers an enchanting dining experience for any steak aficionado. The menu highlights a variety of prime rib cuts, such as the English Cut, Chicago Cut, and the signature 4 Charles Cut. Complement your meal with delectable sides like the Creamed Spinach and Truffle Mac & Cheese. For an additional treat, consider their renowned 10oz Double Wagyu Cheeseburger and the irresistible Chocolate Cream Pie.

Bowery Meat Company

Bowery Meat Company, a culinary masterpiece brought to life by renowned restaurateur John McDonald and Mercer Street Hospitality, has quickly established itself as a must-visit destination on the edge of Soho and the East Village since its inception in 2014. While attracting celebrities and earning widespread acclaim, this modern steakhouse stands as a testament to New York's evolving dining scene. Indulge in their legendary Duck Lasagna, but don't miss their extensive selection of prime cuts, including impressive options like the Chateaubriand and the Prime 100-Day Dry-Aged Double-Cut Strip.

Mark Joseph Steakhouse

Located in a charming cobblestone street just north of the South Street Seaport and south of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, MarkJoseph Steakhouse has been serving excellent food and providing polished service since its opening in January 2001. The restaurant is dedicated to delivering an authentic New York City steakhouse experience. With total control over the dry aging process on-site, MarkJoseph ensures the highest quality of meat is served. Each short loin is hand-selected by the owner and dry-aged in a temperature and humidity controlled refrigeration unit. The use of a special infrared oven allows for the perfect charring of each steak, resulting in consistently prepared dishes from the extensive dinner and bar menus. The menu features signature offerings such as the sizzling 40 oz Porterhouse, a 38 oz Rib Steak, a 20 oz Sirloin, and 12 and 16 oz Filet Mignon, providing a variety of options for meat enthusiasts.

St. Anselm

Located in Williamsburg, St. Anselm redefines the steakhouse experience with its relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere. Alongside classic cuts like the Ax Handle Rib Eye and NY Strip, the menu offers unique options such as swordfish, lamb saddle, and fish collars. Prices per pound keep it affordable without compromising quality. The cozy interior features exposed brick and wood, creating a welcoming ambiance. Don't miss the expertly prepared sides like Pan-Fried Mash Potatoes and Long Beans with garlic butter. For a delightful ending, indulge in the Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae topped with brandied cherries, caramel drizzle, and cacao nibs.

Peter Luger Steak House

Peter Luger, an iconic Brooklyn institution located near the Williamsburg Bridge, has garnered global recognition for its legendary porterhouse steak. Served on a tilted plate, the juicy, charred, and sizzling steak is accompanied by flavorful, mouthwatering juices spooned by the attentive waitstaff. With a history spanning 135 years, Peter Luger's has endured both effusive praise and candid criticism, solidifying its status as an essential NYC classic. Indulge in their renowned Porterhouse, relish the delectable Luger Burger, and treat yourself to the irresistible Holy Cow Hot Fudge Sundae. It's important to note that Peter Luger's upholds its traditions, accepting only cash or debit cards and not credit cards. A visit to Peter Luger's is a must for steak connoisseurs, offering an authentic New York City steakhouse experience that has stood the test of time.

Gage & Tollner

Gage & Tollner in Downtown Brooklyn is a historic restaurant that embodies the perfect blend of old-world charm and contemporary dining. With its inviting atmosphere, classic cocktails, and a menu featuring both steakhouse classics and modern creations, it offers a memorable culinary experience. Indulge in their expertly crafted martinis or a classic Manhattan, and savor dishes like New York strip steak, shrimp cocktail, clams kimsino (clams casino with kimchi), and crispy hen of the woods mushrooms. Don't forget to leave room for the delightful baked Alaska by renowned chef Caroline Schiff. While not our top recommendation for steakhouse favorites, Gage & Tollner is a fun and enjoyable spot to dine. Remember to make a reservation approximately four weeks in advance for the best experience.

Gus's Chop House

In the charming neighborhood of Park Slope, Gus's Chop House offers an inviting dining experience with its affordable cuts of meat and friendly neighborhood ambiance. Located on a secluded side street in Cobble Hill, this hidden gem features a range of steak options, with prices starting at $28 for a pork porterhouse and going up to a delectable $145 rib eye for two. In addition to the mouthwatering steaks, Gus's Chop House surprises guests with unique offerings like sausage rolls, squid and chickpeas, plates of gnocchi, and beef curry buns, putting a delightful twist on classic steakhouse sides. Whether you're a local resident or exploring the area, Gus's Chop House is the perfect destination for a satisfying and affordable meal.

Meet The Meat

Located in Astoria, Meet The Meat offers a budget-friendly alternative to the renowned Peter Luger steakhouse, with its own unique twists on the menu. The star attraction is a reasonably priced porterhouse steak, which is a rare find in the city for under $100. Indulge in the accompanying sides like macaroni with mushrooms and a generous portion of Canadian bacon that resembles a savory pork chop. While there may be a couple of minor disappointments, such as the absence of regular bacon and store-bought desserts, rest assured that Astoria has plenty of other options for satisfying your sweet tooth after dinner.

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