A Guide to NYC's Best Outdoor Food Festivals & Street Fairs

If you’re a fan of street festivals and street fairs, New York City in the warm months is your heaven. The city is filled with culture, activities and delicious street food.

May 3, 2024

A Guide to NYC's Best Outdoor Food Festivals & Street Fairs

Some consider visiting New York City during spring & summer months the best time to visit. For foodies, New York City summer street festivals and street fairs, is your heaven. The city is filled with culture, activities and delicious street food. There are street fairs in every borough of the city, but we listed our favorites in the main areas people visiting New York City go to. 

If you’re not planning for these events they can seem like a surprise. If you’re familiar with New York City you know what its like to walk down the street and find your nose pulling you to a street filled with the best street food in the area. It feels like you’re a kid visiting the San Gennaro festival for the first time and it’s a feeling you never forget.

Adding one of these street fairs to your list isI a great way to get a taste of local New York City. Our team builds custom tailored plans for people visiting New York City. We help travelers enjoy the New York City experiences they want in the they have in the city. Contact us to build your tailored plan. 

Custom Tailored NYC Trip Plans
Tailored NYC Trip Plans

Ok ... on to the list ...


Smorgasburg, the highly anticipated food bazaar that unofficially marks the beginning of summer in New York City, returns with its impressive lineup of vendors. Founded by Brooklyn Flea’s Eric Demby and Jonathan Butler, this culinary extravaganza showcases about 80 vendors across its three locations. With two spots in Brooklyn—Williamsburg and Prospect Park—and one at the World Trade Center, Smorgasburg operates every weekend from April 5th until October. Visitors can indulge in a diverse range of delectable offerings from returning favorites like Mao’s Bao, Carlitos Barbecue Taqueria, Bona Bona Ice Cream, Rooster Boy, and Dough Doughnuts, as well as exciting newcomers like this year’s Perro Slang Food, which specializes in Colombian hot dogs.

Khonsu tip: Use the QR codes at each booth to order instead of getting stuck standing in line.

Queens Night Market

Queens Night Market is a popular foodie festival in New York City, offering affordable and delicious eats since 2015. Starting on April 15, the 2023 season will take place on Saturday nights at the New York Hall of Science in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Besides food, visitors can browse and purchase items such as vintage apparel, handmade candles, travel photography, and local art. With over 2 million visitors and the launch of around 350 new businesses, Queens Night Market celebrates diverse cuisines and cultures while providing an enjoyable and affordable experience for attendees.

Brooklyn Night Market

Brooklyn Night Market, one of the newest additions to the city's nightlife scene, has quickly become a favorite. Running on the last Monday of each month from April to October, starting April 29, this open-air food and drink festival at Brooklyn’s ever trendy Industry City offers a diverse selection of cuisines from around the world. Enjoy live music and activities while exploring dishes and drinks from over 65 vendors. For more information check the Market’s Instagram.

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Bronx Night Market

Bronx Night Market, a lively and diverse food market held on Saturdays at Fordham Plaza in the Bronx, offers a wide array of culinary delights, refreshing drinks, and unique handmade goods from over 50 vendors. From savory Caribbean dishes to delightful vegan options, the market caters to a range of tastes and preferences, celebrating the borough's rich culinary diversity. Beyond the delicious food, Bronx Night Market also sets the stage for an energetic atmosphere with live music performances that add a vibrant and engaging element to the festivities.

Hester Street Fair

Hester Street Fair, an exciting seasonal street market held on the Lower East Side, captures the essence of community and creativity every Saturday from April to October. This dynamic fair features a rotating selection of vendors offering a diverse range of artisanal food, vintage clothing, and handmade crafts. From tantalizing culinary creations to one-of-a-kind artistic treasures, Hester Street Fair allows visitors to explore a world of creativity and discover hidden gems.

LIC Flea & Food

LIC Flea & Food, the largest outdoor market in Queens, sets up shop on specific weekends from April to October in Long Island City. This bustling market is a hub of activity, featuring a diverse lineup of food vendors. Alongside the delectable food options, visitors can explore an array of artisanal crafts while enjoying live music performances and a lively atmosphere. Additionally, the market features a Beer Garden, serving up local craft beer for attendees to enjoy with their meal.

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FREE NYC Day Planner

Uptown Night Market

Experience Harlem and the rest of Uptown Manhattan's culinary scene as the Uptown Night Market's vibrant foodie fest returns. This monthly event, running until fall, showcases over 80 vendors highlighting local talents in food, drinks, music and merchandise. Held on the second Thursday of each month from April 11 to October, this free outdoor series is located at 133rd and 12th Avenue in West Harlem. Drawing a consistent crowd of 15,000 attendees, expect a diverse array of street-food, from Mexican-style hot dogs, to more traditional tacos and empanadas.

Vegan Night Market

The Vegan Night Market stands out among NYC's food festivals and markets by catering specifically to plant-based foodies. Launched in 2023, this market quickly gained popularity for its dedication to offering a wide array of vegan options. Returning to Manhattan once again, the Vegan Night Market promises a plant-based treat for visitors. Starting May 7 and running on the first Tuesday of each month through October, come enjoy live music and try dishes like Plantain and Avocado Arepas and vegan donuts in the company of vegans and "veg-curious" foodies.

Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar NYC, situated on the Upper West Side, offers a lively neighborhood market experience that is similar to the other markets on this list. Taking place every Sunday, this outdoor market brings together over 100 vendors, featuring an eclectic mix of handmade and vintage items, as well as a tempting selection of artisanal food and drinks.

Philippines Fest

The largest Filipino street fair, Philippines Fest, is back! With new collaborations, vendors, and locations, this event promises a diverse array of independent Filipino and Filipino American vendors offering handcrafted products, art, and delectable food. Experience upcoming Filipino and Filipino American performers, cultural showcases, music, and dancing. Indulge in must-try Filipino street foods like lumpia and pork siomai, as well as innovative fusions like longganisa sliders with ube pandesal buns. The fest takes place all summer long, starting on April 6th in Noho. Check their Instagram for more details!

Dragon Fest

Dragon Fest, New York City's premier Chinese food and culture festival, is back for 2024! With an expanded calendar of events, this year's Dragon Fest promises an even bigger and more vibrant celebration of Chinese heritage. Following a successful run in 2023, where Dragon Fest attracted over 200,000 attendees across five events, the festival returns with a diverse lineup of 16 unique events across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Don't miss out on the first market of the year on April 6th! Get your free tickets on Eventbrite here.

Custom Tailored NYC Trip Plans
Tailored NYC Trip Plans

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